Make Ogment work for you

There is no other product that facilitates the “soup-to-nuts” process of curriculum development through delivery like Ogment does. But it’s also flexible—so if you’re only looking for a cool, easy-to-use lesson creation tool, Ogment works for you, too. Either way, it’s as easy as clip, create, deliver.

Your Standards and Goals

Built-in standards

Ogment’s got you covered with state and national standards built right in. Choose standards to include in curriculum maps; align courses, units, lessons, assessments—even individual questions to standards with one click.

Goals, Skills, Objectives, and More

Set and include goals and any other instructional needs in curriculum maps, lessons, and assessments; Ogment even comes pre­loaded with common strategies.

“Live” Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Map Builder

See what’s being covered at any moment. Make your curriculum map work for you—change it on the fly; Link built-in Standards and Resources to your lessons and assessments. Find gaps in coverage; Ensure all standards, goals and other important information are all in one place.

Common Resources and Assessments

Create and house common resources and assessments that should be used during the year by your whole team to impart information and check for understanding.

Relevant, Real World Content Gathering

Get to know the Ogment Web Clipper

Pull in topical, engaging content anytime, anywhere with the Ogment Clipper—videos, articles, images, and websites; Not just links—actual videos, articles, images, and websites. Articles come with Lexile® measure; Websites can be embedded right in your lesson.

Upload from Your Desktop

Grab all those great resources from folders, thumb drives, and your desktop and use them right alongside the rest of your content.

Go Fishing in the Ogment Stream

Pull cool resources from the Ogment Stream. Tag and organize anyway you like. All your content in one place.

Customized Course and Lesson Planning

Flexible Course Creation

Build whole courses with your Lessons and Assessments. Work within the milestones of the Curriculum Map and incorporate the common resources; align instruction to correspond with the milestones and common assessments timeframes; organize into units which form the backbone of the course.

Lesson Template

Build your own Lesson Templates and track what you need to cover (Standards, Skills, Strategies and much more). Print and edit your lesson plans anytime.

Collaborate and Share from Anywhere


Ogment connects you with teachers down the hall or across the district; Take your PLC meetings to the next level; Build lessons, assessments, and courses with colleagues.


Found something one of your colleagues would like? Share it in Ogment.

Interactive Lesson and Assessment Development

The Lesson Editor

Use the Ogment Editor—an easy, powerful way to build relevant, engaging instruction; Oodles of tech-­enhanced and traditional question types; the most popular graphic organizers; add questions to videos and articles.

One-click Differentiated Instruction

Differentiate and Personalize

Quickly differentiate your lesson for different students and needs; Keep track of how you are differentiating; Group your students and create different experiences for them.

Trackable Presentation and Delivery

Built-in Calendar

Assign lessons or assessments to whole classes, small groups or even individual students.

Class Management

Set up and manage classes using the simple class management tool—integrates easily with your current SIS.

Presentation Tools

Present in front of the class or send it home with your students. Highlight, Annotate, and Communicate right in the Lesson.

Smart Progress Monitoring

Get your Questions Answered

Where did we leave off in the lesson? Did students read the assigned article? Watch the video? Do they understand the material? How did they perform on the activity? What are they stuck on? What do I need to review? Ogment helps answer all of these questions and more.