Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Ogment? Who is it for?

    Ogment is a curriculum creation and management tool that was co-developed with K-12 educators around the U.S. It’s for teachers, curriculum developers, administrators, students and parents. It is designed help educators with the process of curriculum development and delivery—it includes a holistic set of tools that help educators build engaging, thoughtful curriculum. From Standards and Goals; Curriculum Mapping; Course and Lesson Planning; Lesson/Assessment Development; Lesson Presentation/Delivery; Progress Monitoring; and Continuous Improvement, Ogment facilitates the entire curriculum development and delivery process.

  2. What subjects/grade levels does Ogment cover? Who uses Ogment?

    K-12 teachers of all subjects and grade levels all across the U.S. are using Ogment—everyone from traditional ELA, Math, or Science teachers to Art, Computer Science, and Financial Literacy teachers, just to name a few.

  3. Are State Standards available in Ogment?

    Yes, your state standards have been loaded into Ogment.

  1. How does Ogment help with standards/goals?

    Your state standards are already in Ogment. You can access them at any stage of the curriculum creation and management process. Your overarching goals for the year can be either imported into Ogment if they already exist or put into the system directly.

Curriculum Mapping
  1. Can my district build curriculum maps from scratch in Ogment?

    Yes. Your district can use Ogment to build curriculum maps and then align courses, units, and lessons to the curriculum maps. The curriculum maps are flexible enough to be used how you want to use them. You can choose which components of the curriculum maps you’d like to include—from goals, standards, big ideas, strategies, and more.

  2. What if my district already has curriculum maps? Can they be uploaded into Ogment?

    Yes. Curriculum maps can be uploaded into Ogment and made dynamic, so they can be edited and changed at any time.

Course and Lesson Planning
  1. Can I build courses in Ogment?

    Yes, we encourage it! One good lesson leads to another. Ogment gives you a place to organize all your lessons and assessments into full courses.

  2. Can I link courses and lessons to curriculum maps?

    Yes, we encourage that too. By linking your courses to your curriculum map, you are making your progress reports more powerful and you can more easily identify gaps in your instructional plans.

  3. Can I collaborate with colleagues to lesson plan?

    Yes, Ogment has a built-in collaboration tool that is easy to use. Simply invite colleagues to collaborate and then using the Highlight and Annotation Tool, mark up lessons and send one another notes.

Lesson and Assessment Development
  1. What kinds of content can I use in my lessons?

    Ogment allows you to bring in any content you wish—from articles and videos to PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. For more information on how to bring content into Ogment, see the section called “Getting Content into Ogment”.

  2. How many assessment item types does Ogment include? Are there tech-enhanced item types too?

    Ogment includes 20 different item types, ranging from simple multiple choice to tech-enhanced item types that students will encounter on state assessments.

  3. What about Graphic Organizers?

    Ogment includes more than a dozen graphic organizers, such as Venn diagram, KWL chart, Cornell notes and more.

Lesson Presentation and Delivery
  1. Can I differentiate instruction using Ogment?

    Yes, you can easily differentiate right within Ogment’s lesson editor.

  2. What are the ways in which I can deliver lessons?

    You can project lessons for whole-class instruction, use on a SmartBoard, assign lessons to groups for small-group work, or assign to individual students for homework, computer lab time and more.

  3. Will Ogment remember where I left off?

    Yes. Ogment will record what slides in your lesson you have presented, so you will always know where to start again.

  4. Does Ogment include a calendar?

    Yes, the built-in, easy to use calendar can be used to assign lessons, keep track of what you are teaching, and more.

Progress Monitoring
  1. Can I see how far my students have progressed through a lesson?

    Yes. You can see what articles students have read, what videos they’ve watched, and what questions they have answered.

  2. Will Ogment show me if students have answered questions correctly or incorrectly?

    Yes, any question that can be scored automatically will show whether the student answered a question correctly or not.

Continuous Improvement
  1. How does Ogment help with continuous improvement?

    Because everything in Ogment is dynamic and not static documents, it is easy to evaluate what’s working and then easily change what isn’t working. For example, if you showed a video in class that fell flat, switch it out. If everyone in class missed a specific question on an assessment, you can go back and either edit the question or change how you teach the standard that the question is associated with.

  1. How is content brought into Ogment?

    There are several ways to bring content into Ogment. You can clip content such as videos, articles, images, games and more from the web; you can upload content you already have on your desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.; you can pull content from your district’s “stream”; connect to premium channels in your stream such as Discovery Education; or connect to OER channels in your stream.

The Ogment Clipper
  1. What is the Ogment Clipper?

    Once in Ogment, teachers download the Ogment Clipper—a plug-in from the Chrome Store. The Clipper allows you to clip articles and other materials from the internet without bringing in the surrounding ads and other distractors.

  2. What kinds of things can I bring into Ogment from the web?

    Articles, videos, photos, audio files, games, PDFs, documents and more.

  3. Does Ogment note the source?

    Yes, Ogment automatically notes the source in an MLA format.

  4. Will reading levels, such as Lexile®, be provided for materials I clip?

    Yes, Ogment will provide a Lexile as well as several other readability levels for materials you clip from the web. Each time you edit the article or revise it, Ogment will even provide a new readability level.

Uploading your existing content
  1. Can I upload my own files or lesson plans into Ogment?

    Yes! You can upload files from your desktop including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files; movie files, audio files and image files.

  1. Is there a lesson template I can use?

    Yes, there is a lesson template in Ogment that make it easy to create lessons. Several other lesson templates based on Marzano’s and Danielson’s research will be available soon.

  2. What types of quizzes and assessments can I create in Ogment?

    Presently there are 20 different item types in Ogment, including tech-enhanced items types similar to the item types on the new Smarter Balanced and PARCC tests.

  3. What other resources are available in Ogment?

    One of the most popular resources includes a set of common graphic organizers from which teachers can choose or modify.

  4. How do I link my state standards to the lessons I create?

    All standards have been pre-loaded into Ogment. Simply choose your state from a drop down list, choose your subject and grade level, and the standards will appear. Then click which ones you want to be entered into the lesson automatically.

  5. Can I link my lesson to my district curriculum map?

    Yes, you will be able to either create a curriculum map in Ogment, or link your lessons to an existing curriculum map.

  1. How are lessons delivered to students?

    Lessons can be delivered several ways:

    • in class presentation mode via a projector or Smartboard,
    • through student accounts or
    • through an existing Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Can I share my lessons with other teachers?

    Yes, you can share your lesson with other teachers to use in a PLC or just to get their feedback.

  3. Can I collaborate with other teachers?

    Yes, the built-in collaboration tool with the Highlight and Annotation Tool (HAT) in Ogment allows users to work on curriculum maps, course or lesson creation together.

  4. Can I keep my lessons and/or resources private?

    Yes, you will be able to choose who/when/what to share with other colleagues.

  5. How can I search for lessons created by other teachers?

    Ogment includes a robust search feature that allows searching by keywords, standard, subject, grade level and more.

  1. How do I connect to my district’s stream?

    Simply click the “stream” icon on the left-hand navigation. You will be asked a few questions about who you’d like to “follow”, and then you will begin to see content that is available to you.

  2. How do I pull content from the stream into Ogment?

    Simply click on a piece of content in the stream that looks interesting. If you like it, just hit “Clip this” and it will automatically be put into your Ogment account.

  1. What can teachers do inside Ogment?

    Teachers can do everything in Ogment, from building courses, lessons and assessments to differentiating instruction, collaborating with colleagues and monitoring student progress. Ogment was designed with teachers in mind, and the mission of Ogment is to make the most of a teacher’s time.

  2. What can students do inside Ogment?

    Students can view assignments; interact with lessons by reading and marking up articles using the highlight and annotation tool (HAT), watching videos, using graphic organizers to plan writing assignments; making notes for their teachers as well as reading notes from their teachers; using the Ogment Clipper; and answering assessment items. Questions that are auto-scored will provide students with immediate feedback while questions requiring teacher input may be scored with a rubric and provide an open line of communication for the student and teacher to create and revise work.

  3. Does Ogment allow Parent access?

    Yes. Parents can monitor each lesson as it was presented and annotated by student and teacher. Parents can review their children’s lesson plans, activities, assignments, and digital resources, see their children’s progress and where the class left off. Parents will be able to communicate with teachers via the highlight and annotation tool (HAT). The HAT feature will enable parents to highlight pieces of text and/or other resources and add notes and questions for the teacher in the margins.

  4. What can administrators do in Ogment?

    District level users can access everything. Part of the goal of Ogment is to provide insight into how teachers are addressing their specific curriculum requirements. This includes reports against the content that show how the lessons/units/course cover a body of standards or address a curriculum map and how students are performing against the instruction and assessment.

  1. Does Ogment work on all devices?

    Ogment is a cloud-based application. We highly recommend using Google Chrome as your browser when working in Ogment. Ogment can be used on your laptop or desktop, or tablets 7” or larger. Ogment is not yet enabled for smartphones, but a mobile version of Ogment is currently in development and is due out by Fall 2016.

  2. Will Ogment work with my district/school’s Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Yes, Ogment will integrate with your LMS. It can also be used as a standalone product.

  3. What is the difference between Ogment and an LMS?

    The biggest difference between Ogment and a Learning Management System (LMS) is Ogment’s focus on the curriculum development and implementation process. With Ogment, all the tools that help with the process of curriculum creation and management were built from the ground up to be seamless and complement one another. An LMS is often made up of disparate tools and features that don’t facilitate the process of curriculum creation and management. In addition, LMSs often only contain static content, whereas Ogment allows users to create dynamic content that is easily changeable. The ability to continually update content on the fly is key to continuous improvement.

  4. Can Ogment work with an LMS/SIS?

    In almost all cases, yes. Ogment can share Teacher/Student/Class information, allow for Single Sign On (SSO) and in some cases even share lessons and assessment data back and forth. Have your IT specialist contact us at 1-844-OGMENT-1 to find out more.

  5. I have unreliable bandwidth – can I download lessons to use offline?

    Yes, lessons can be saved to desktop or a thumb drive and run locally without the need for an internet connection. They can be synced back up with your account when you have an Internet connection again.

  6. Does Ogment support flipped classrooms?

    Yes, Ogment is perfect for flipped classrooms. Students can use their devices to work on lessons at home, including reading articles and other text, watching videos, and answering questions. They can use the highlight and annotation tool to mark up text and communicate with their teachers. In class, they can work together or separately to build presentations using the Ogment tools.

  1. How can I buy Ogment?

    Ogment is being licensed at the School or District level. Discounts apply for volume and for multi-year commitments.