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Clip relevant, real-world content

Pull in engaging ad-free content anytime, anywhere with The Web Clipper; Not just links—but actual videos, articles, images, and websites. Upload your own files or create your own resources right in Ogment. Bring in cool resources from The Stream. Tag and organize anyway you like. Imagine all of your content in one beautifully organized place—that’s searchable.

Key Features

Create captivating lessons—and more

Build interactive lessons and assessments to courses and whole curriculum. Quickly differentiate instruction. Align to your existing curriculum maps or build your own. Collaborate and share anything, anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

Deliver Dynamic Instruction

Present interactive lessons that will capture students’ attention and keep them engaged. Project in front of your class. Assign to whole class, small groups or individual students. Keep track of where you left off yesterday. Monitor student progress at a glance.

Key Features

Is Ogment Right For You?

Looking for a way to facilitate the curriculum development and delivery process?
Want tools that were built together as a cohesive program?
Need a way to track against curriculum maps?
How about an easy way to pull multimedia content into the system—not just links?
Would it be helpful to modify instruction for all types of learners right within a lesson editor?
Want access to a stream of quality, educator-created content?
Could you use built-in collaboration tools?


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